How to open ER diagrams in Moon Modeler

The ER diagrams that are available here in the form of an HTML report are created in Moon Modeler.
It is a tool for creating ER diagrams, data models, database designs and visualizations of existing structures.

Moon Modeler includes support for various databases, including relational and nosql databases. You can create data models for MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, MySQL, SQLite, but also for GraphQL or Mongoose ODM.

More information and the free version can be found at

How to open a project

  1. Download the latest version of Moon Modeler from, install and run it.
    (The software is available for Windows, Linux and macOS).
  2. Go to Projects and click the OPEN FROM URL button.
  3. Enter the URL of the *.dmm file and click OPEN.
    The link to the *.dmm file can be found in each blog article, for example at:

Then view the ER diagram, see a preview of the generated SQL script or add notes, lines and other logical information and save the project as a new file on your local machine.

Thanks for reading!