About online ERDs at dbdiagrams.com

On our website you will find several online ERDs and samples created in Luna Modeler.
These are samples or reports of database structures, mostly open source systems that allow you to store data in MariaDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL or SQLite databases.

Online ERD

Each online ERD (entity-relational diagram) is used to show what a database structure might look like. The diagrams are always initial diagrams that rarely include comments, links and relationships (unless they are defined in the database), even so these online ER diagrams can serve to understand how the database was created.

Each page/post displays a resizable HTML report (drag right bottom corner to enlarge the diagram area), a link to a page where the online ERD can be displayed in full screen view, and a link to a project file that can be opened in Luna Modeler.

Samples and diagrams of existing structures

There are, of course, a number of projects that are working towards a similar goal – whether it’s a CMS for managing your site’s content, or an online forum, and so on.

At dbdiagrams.com you will find online ERDs of systems such as


The goal of this site is not to provide breathtaking documentation, but to offer a different perspective on database structures. You might find something here that will inspire you, find out what could be improved or done differently. Need to create a new database table to store user data? See how others have done it, what data type they used, etc.

Do you need a better functionality?

If you wish to see SQL code, rearrange the diagram, change colors or even start working on your own project – for example on a plugin development for some of the above mentioned systems, open the diagram in Luna Modeler.

Opening the diagram is easy, see How to open ER diagrams in Luna Modeler for details.

online er diagrams and Moon Modeler

Suggest your online ERD

If you are interested in adding a diagram, email us at dbdiagrams(at)dbdiagrams.com